CNA Job Description and Skills

CNA- Know About Job Descriptions and Skills Required


Health care is a very huge sector for sure, and there are numerous opportunities available for those who have interest in this industry. One such job available in this sector is CNA or Certified Nursing Assistant. Quite obviously, you have to complete the training program designed for nurse aide, and you can apply for the post only after getting a valid certification. In case you are thinking about taking CNA as your career option then this article will surely help you out with some useful information. And, the most vital thing you need to know about is what does a CNA do, or, simply the job description of a CNA.

Before we tell you the job description of a CNA and what skills are required for this job, it is important to understand that the description differs with the sort of job you are working and your position too. In other words, your role basically depends on whether the place you are working is a hospital, private medical insurance firm, or a care home. Overall, you will be recruited as a medical team member, whose onus is to care for various people. And, in each case you will have to oversee a different medication. In addition, in some cases you may have to evaluate what is not going right with the patient, and how the health of the same can be improved. Nevertheless, there are some common roles that you have to play being a CNA. And, we have summed up some of them below.


CNA Job description What does a CNA do


Job description of CNA

  • Basic Care: Taking basic care of patients is one of the prime onuses of a certified nurse assistant, and it mainly includes helping the patients to feed, dress, and bathe themselves. Elderly residents, accident victims, stroke victims and those who have gone through surgeries are the types of patients a CNA has to take care of.
  • Vital Signs: Checking and maintaining a record of the vital signs of patients is also one of the job responsibilities of a certified nurse assistant. Vital signs like body temperature, blood pressure, and sugar level are analyzed by a CNA.
  • Maintaining Cleanliness: Apart from keeping the patients clean, a CNA also needs to make sure the beds and rooms are absolutely clean and in hygienic condition. Keeping the bedpans clean and replacing soiled sheets with washed ones also includes among them. Basically, a CNA must develop a compassionate relationship with the patients, which in turn can make them feel comfortable.
  • Assist in Medical Procedures: A CNA should also set up medical or surgical equipment required during any medical procedures. This speeds up the medical procedure and ensures better management during the same.

CNA Skills Required

So, those were some of the job descriptions of a CNA. Now, below are some of the skills that one needs in order to get recruited for this post:

  • Ability to examine vital signs
  • Knowledge about various infections and their treatment
  • Good knowledge of physiological issues
  • Health promotion
  • Pain management
  • Bedside manner
  • Multi-tasking
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

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