CNA Interview Questions and Answers

CNA Interview Questions and AnswersCNA Interview Questions and Answers

There are a number of useful questions for determining if an individual is right for a Certified Nursing Associate position, and the answers can be very telling. Attached is a simple guide that details a few general questions and answers that you’ll see when discussing the position of CNA.

Question: How do you manage your time while on the job?

Answer: Patients that need urgent care always receive top priority, but I make sure that all of my patients receive the proper attention and care that they need. In any downtime that I may have, I spend it increasing my knowledge of my patients and their health care needs.

Question: How do you deal with a patient’s difficult emotions while on the job?

Answer: When dealing with the difficult emotions that my patients sometimes display, I’ve found that by simply talking with my patients, as well as listening to them, most of my patients become much easier to work with. I’ve discovered a number of techniques for properly working with angry and depressed patients, many of which are largely misunderstood, and I’ve learned to identify which techniques have the highest chance of success with each patient.

Question: How does your work as a CNA professional affect you personally?

Answer: As any CNA professional can tell you, it’s very easy to become emotionally attached to a patient. When working with someone that’s in a dire state, it’s natural to form a bond. With that being said, a CNA professional should be adept at emotionally detaching from a patient, and that’s one of the many skills I’ve learned in my training and experience in this field.

Question: Why did you choose to pursue a career in the CNA profession?

Answer: I’ve always had a passion for taking care of other people. The CNA profession seemed perfect for someone with my level of devotion and care, and I’ve found that I’m extremely proud of my CNA work thus far. I have a knack for creating strategies for dealing with patients on a case by case basis, and though this job can be difficult, the help that I’m able to provide makes up for any challenge the position may pose.

Question: How do you deal with tasks that you aren’t comfortable with?

Answer: Being a CNA involves responsibilities that aren’t always desirable, but I didn’t get into the CNA profession for myself, I got into this profession for my patients. Taking care of another human being isn’t always glamorous, but the satisfaction that comes from helping another person outweighs any discomfort that I may experience in my profession.

These questions are simply examples of the standard types of questions asked when interviewing for the position of Certified Nursing Assistant, as well as a few standard answers. Feel free to tailor the questions or answers to suit the specific position, and make sure to ask for other answers that will display the interviewee’s knowledge, experience and capability. The position of CNA is very important, and the interview questions and answers should not be taken lightly.


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