How To Renew Your Certified Nursing Assistant License Online

How To Renew Your Certified Nursing Assistant License OnlineHow To Renew Your Certified Nursing Assistant License Online

The steps involved in renewing your Certified Nursing Assistant license varies from state to state. It also depends on your classification as specified by the licensing body. In general, the following are the steps that may be followed.

Check the website of your state’s Department of Health or licensing body, such as the Board of Nursing. The steps and renewal schedules are usually posted on the web page.

Some states allow Certified Nursing Assistant license renewal applications to be done online. The Washington State Department of Health and the Florida Board of Nursing accept this.

To submit an application online, you must log in with your user name and password. Check the information mailed with your physical license to find your online credentials. If these are not included in the mail, you may have to create a new user account on the website.

Once you have signed in to your account, select the option for renewing your license online. Applicable fees will be assessed and payment options will be listed.

Verify that your personal information and mailing address are correct to ensure that you will receive your new license.

Take note that not all certified nursing assistants can renew their license online. If you will need to make license status changes, look for the appropriate renewal options.


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